Linked_money for your_webpowered_savings

When you link money-to-money by webcashmotor, your money datevaluation produces webcashmatic plusvalues in cash phasis.

You-do-mark-your-money just with your better webdate. Then your free webcashmotor (Mousephone or another 4G3W webdevice) star to run in Economy 4G3W for webcashmatic plusvalues, cashkeeping and 100% free. Because the money datevaluation is webpowered and keep your cash in webcashfishing mode. Just for pushing up your economic life.

Your money datevaluation must be for 10€ parcels or multiples. Each 10€ gives you the ownership of 1 "owndated webquantum" registered in your webcashaccount and receive all the benefits of WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.

And you keep the right to reverse your money datevaluation at any time because this economic action is guaranted out of risks. Just you cashput_for_much_more_cashcall. Because the link money-to-money is for much-more-money. Because the universocial linked money is producing money for each "owndated webquantum" and your "OW" is stocking time over your savings. Live savings because webpowered.

Think at that. You need to personalize some money.
Go to Economy 4G3W.

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