Your financial power

By the datevaluation of each 10€ you get 1 owndated webquantum in your webcashaccount.

Because your webcashmotor follow any free production factor living into the WWW.

Because your webcashmotor must produce and add : more-and-more and much-more-value.

For your webcashmatic plusvalues generator. To perform your economic life.

When you tagvaporate each one of your ownership OW (owndated webquamtums) you do personalize your preferences by choicing the use of your OW_finantial_power in the Universocial WUW space and in the new Economy 4G3W.

So your tagvaporated definitions are the source of your own personalized finantial power.
And everything around your savings, your rents and your finantial power is now webpowered and safety in your own web_marked_space :
100% cashkeeping ;
100% riskfree ;
100% webcashmatic ;
100% flavored ;
100% at the market.

Take your webcashmotor for free . Then it start to run in Economy 4G3W. By your Mousephone. You-do-mark-your-money just with your better web_date. Blockchain techs are coming.

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