Datevalors property is-for-you

Datevalors property is-for-you, because when you-do-mark-your-money you get owned timestock in your owndated webquantum.

What are datevalors and what's the nature of his property in 4G3W Economy?

Datevalors are a webjurisperson having at least 10€ datevalued in his webcashaccount at WUW [The Webcash_Universocial_Web].
The datevalors property is the personal wuwthing created by any 10€ accounted as one datevalued result (own) at one time web moment (webquantum) . This resulted wuwthing which results also an webthing took the name of "owndated webquantum".
The datevalors property is each of these creations of personalized money by datevaluation 4G3W Economy.

Do not be puzzled by the 4G3W economic language, because the money datevaluation is for-you-first . And it is as easy as charging your cell phone. The new 4G3W Economy is based on a device-communication into the WWW. It is completly webcashmatic. Even if delivering your cash-over-cash plusvalues with much-more-cash results.

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